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1 .  Program Overview


30 min weekly lesson


Suzuki method along with music games, note reading, ear training and basic theory will be taught. Parent involvement is strongly encouraged


45 min weekly lesson

Based on Suzuki Method, traditional string methods, etudes and sonatas will be added to strengthen the techniques and repertoire


60 min weekly lesson

Emphasizing on string techniques, to get you facilitated to perform sonata and concertos.  To prepare you for any kind of challenges such as auditions for competitions, youth symphony and conservatories

2 .  Instruments

No violin and bow is needed for the first lesson.  Before you make a quality purchase or rental, I will give advices on sizes and shops

3 .  Studio Policies

Scheduling and absences:

Lessons will occur weekly. If you need to reschedule the lesson, please contact teacher in advance. If the lessons need to be cancelled due to teacher’s ill, Make-up lesson is guaranteed


Parent Participation:

For beginners, parents’ participation is extremely crucial.  Please participate your kids’ lessons and take notes, and help them practice at home. Siblings are welcome to observe the lesson, absolute quiet is important. No pet is allowed

Learning Commitment:

Violin learning is a long journey which requires patience and commitment. Students are expected to commit to at least one year of study to fully benefit from the curriculum.  Studio policy requires a 30 days notice before terminating lessons


Studio Recital:

Every year we have our studio recital or joint recital, all students are encouraged to participate and play with a pianist accompanist is highly recommended

You will received full studio policies on your first lesson, any concern will be welcome to be discussed

4 .  Student Register

Ready to start? Please download the Student Registration Form and email it to

5 .  中文授课

Lessons can be conducted in English, Mandarin and Cantonese


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